Industrial / OTR

Deep tread, extra thick sidewall & tough casing ensure longer life. Silica & natural rubber base compound provides greater chip & tear resistance.Unique lug design for extra surface for highest mileage.Cuts and cracks resistant  tread compound.Premium tyre, designed for heavy duty service on forklift trucks, material handling & mining equipment.The deep tread, extra thick sidewalls & touch casing provide exceptional durability & minimize the risk of puncture & accidental damages.Silica & natural rubber in tread compound provides greater chip and rear resistance.Specially designed rim guard ensures protection against flats & wheel damages in the rim flange area.

Size Pattern Ply
Type Section
NSD Load
inch mm inch mm inch mm 32nds Kg Lbs bar psi kmph mph
23x5 LIFTPOWER 10 4.0 TT 155 6.1 635 25.0 10 13 2000 4400 8.0 114 132 A6 / 30 kmph A6 / 20 mph
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